What do Flea Bites Look Like – Flea Bite Pictures

This page contains flea bite pictures that illustrate what bites can look like on different parts of the body. If you’re wondering, what do flea bites look like, then you have come to the right place. Feel free to comment on these flea bite pictures in the forum if you have anything to add, or if you want to submit your own. Your feedback will make this site better and is always appreciated.

If you are suffering from flea bites, you may be experiencing what you see on the images. The flea bite pictures will help determine if you have been attacked by these little monsters. Please note that other issues, like allergic reactions or other bug bites, can also look like flea bites. If you’re unsure of the cause, you should have your doctor look at it. So what do flea bites look like? You will find the flea bite pictures below.

Flea bite pictures

Fleas often attack the feet, ankles and legs as they are easy targets, being close to the ground. These photos show what flea bites on the feet can look like.

flea bites on childs leg

Flea Bites Feetflea bites feet

Try not to scratch the bites as they may get infected and look even worse. Avoid big scars once the wounds heal.

flea bites footflea bites legs

After the feet, naturally, the fleas will start moving up to your ankles. And the itching and scratching continues.

flea bites ankleflea bites ankle

What do flea bites look like on the legs? These images shows a couple of unlucky persons who have been bitten in this common area.

flea bites legs feetflea bites legs

As you can see on the next couple of flea bite pictures, the fleas have reached the stomach area. Some people get bitten here without having bites on the feet or legs first. If you have a pet that sleeps in your bed, this is a common problem. Be sure to treat your pet every month to avoid this.

flea bites stomachflea bites stomach

This image shows how your arm might look like after a flea attack. Please note that flexing your muscles doesn’t scare the fleas off.

flea bites arm

What do flea bites look like on dogs?

I hope your question “What do flea bites look like” have been answered. Also read my article on how to get rid of flea bites.

Lastly, this photo shows how the fleas usually get to you and inside your home.

flea bites dog