How long does it take for flea treatment products to work?

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    Hi Jacob
    I’m so frustrated, I think my dog has fleas. How long does it take for flea protection to start working. I only saw one flea on my dog and I’m starting to get worried.

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    Hi Felicia
    If you only saw one flea and got rid of it, then chances are that you have already avoided a flea infestation. I have found a few fleas on my dog before and after I got rid of them, that was the end of it it.
    You forgot to mention which product you used, but flea drops/topical usually kills fleas on your pet within 48 hours.

    Vacuum your home often and check your dog for fleas with a flea comb once in a while. I also treat my dog with flea drops once a month during flea season and that keeps them away.

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    Hoovering the house and treating the soft furnishings in the house is great for your strategy. I also find that frontline works really well for my flea treatment for cats or flea treatment for any other pet.

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    What if you don’t see any fleas but have been bitten….will the treatment work on the eggs and larvae in couches and carpet? I vacuumed, laundered etc. how long will it take for results then?

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    If you have flea bites but don’t see fleas anywhere, you haven’t looked close enough OR you’re getting the flea bites outside your home. Are you in contact with other peoples pets during the day?

    When dealing with a serious flea infestation, it can take weeks to months before the last flea/egg has been killed.

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    Nick Ross


    I am a regular reader of the health blogs, nowadays I am really concerned about the fast spreading disease ie. Flea Bites. It is quite irritating for everybody especially pets who feel very itchy with these flea bites.

    It is really becoming very concerning and should really be prevented rather than curing it.

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    I used flea drops on my cat yesterday after noticing her licking herself and scratching a lot. How long does it take to work? I noticed she’s scratching less by now, small clumps of hair fall out when she scratches.

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    Hartz ultra guard pro is the flea drops I used for my cat. Please let me know how long it takes for Carta to get relief. I noticed she seems a bit relieved but still scratches. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take since I never had this problem before. Also, is it normal for her to scratch small clumps of fur off? I noticed she did that in the morning. She has never done this so I’m thinking it’s the medicine from the flea drops. I have another cat who seems like she’s not affected. Should I use it on her?

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    I have used drops from hartz on my dogs before. One of them was scratching itself afterwards and the other was not, so they react differently to these products. It should kill the fleas on the pet after a couple of days but it had almost zero effect on my dogs. I changed to frontline, which is a much better product in my opinion.

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    dude guy

    Do not use the Hartz flea medication, its very bad for cats and a lot of people have lost their pets to it. Try to get Frontline Plus instead. You can also find PetArmor at Walmart and Walgreen’s and it has the same formula as Frontline Plus.

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    Just a note; After treating your pet, it’s a very good idea to sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and even your upholstered furniture, as these are the areas fleas will also inhabit. Sweep it lightly into your rugs, brush it lightly into your sofa, etc. Leave it there all night and vacuum it in the morning. It is non-toxic to both humans and pets, it will naturally freshen your carpet and furniture, and it will eliminate fleas from those areas. It is also very inexpensive. I’ve used it for years when it became necessary and it’s always proven to be very effective. I worked for a vet for many years and, every once in awhile, carried fleas home with me unknowingly. So much better than chemicals in your home that could harm your little ones.

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    Naomi Dunwell

    I am a dog groomer so I deal with fleas daily. Flea drops tend to kill fleas and eggs within 48 hours. After your pet has got fleas washing them with a strong flea shampoo (Ridasect is the best) apply the drops. I use frontline ultra which protects from fleas for 2 months and ticks for a month. You won’t find it in stores as it is very strong so you will need to get it from your vet. After you’ve treated the dog you must vacumed your home and clean any wooden flooring, focussing on the edges as fleas like warm places. I also spray my house with a flea killer spray. Hope it helps.

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