Flea Spray for Homes

Flea SprayWhen you have a serious flea infestation in your home that lasts for weeks, if not months, you come to a point where you’re ready to do almost anything to get rid of the fleas. Many years ago when this was all new to me, I got to this point. Luckily a friend of mine told me about flea spray and I though why not give it a try. This was the one thing that changed my flea situation. I had been struggling with this and killing fleas daily, but more just kept coming. After I sprayed all my floors, carpets and furniture with flea spray, it stopped. I couldn’t believe it but it really worked. I had tried all other things like vacuuming daily and treating my dog with flea shampoo and flea drops or topical. If I had done all of it altogether, the fleas would have disappeared in no time.

Flea spray contains an active ingredient called IGR, which stands for Insect Growth Regulator. This is a very important step in flea control and prevention. When you use the flea spray, you kill all living fleas and at the same time you stop existing flea eggs from hatching. A flea population can consists of up to 90% flea eggs, with only 10% being larvae and adult fleas. You need to get rid of fleas in every stage of their lifecycle, to make sure they don’t return shortly after. Flea spray with IGR can help you do just that. All you need to do is spray all the areas in your home where your pet has been, that may have been in contact with fleas. Make sure you spray all surfaces and get into every dark corner, as fleas prefer to reproduce in darkness. It’s important that you vacuum your home before spraying and avoid vacuuming it afterwards for at least two weeks.

Flea spray versus flea bombs

Both of these flea treatment products contain IGR, so they serve the exact same purpose. What makes them so different then? Flea bombs, also known as flea foggers, are placed in the middle of a room and then triggered. The insecticide will reach all open surfaces, but it has trouble getting under furniture and rugs. You can use the flea spray to get the remaining areas covered after bombing the whole place. Some flea bombs can be used like flea spray with the push of a button, allowing you to get under furniture and other items without moving them. When you use flea spray and bombs, you have to remember to cover up items and surfaces you don’t want insecticide on. This includes your aquarium if you have one of these, as the chemicals in many flea treatment products can kill fish and other smaller creatures.

5 reasons why you should use flea spray

  1. Flea spray kills and repels not just fleas, but ticks and mosquitoes as well
  2. Safe and gentle – it can often be used around young pets
  3. Keeps your pet and home smelling fresh
  4. Repels fleas from carpets, pets’ bedding and other areas around the home
  5. Non messy, easy to use and long lasting (once a month) protection against fleas and ticks

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