Flea Shampoo – Give Your Dog or Cat a Flea Bath

Flea ShampooIf you have found fleas on your pet, a great way to get rid of them is with flea shampoo. You need to identify the problem first before considering any kind of treatment. Do this by running a flea comb through the fur. If you find fleas, you know what you’re dealing with, but you can also look for flea eggs and flea dirt. The first sign of a flea attack is when your dog or cat starts scratching itself all the time. Then you should inspect it as soon as possible to find out if it’s time for a flea bath. Look for fleas especially behind the ears, under the chin and above the tail. Flea dirt is also often found on the belly of the animal.

When you look for flea shampoo, try to find one that works on both living adult fleas and flea eggs. Fleas need to be eliminated on all stages of their lifecycle, or else they’ll just keep coming back. Flea shampoo that only kills adult fleas is probably a little cheaper than the one that does both, but I don’t think it’s worth it because you just end up repeating flea baths instead. Another thing that varies in flea shampoo products is the active ingredient. Most commonly used is pyrethrins, which is an insecticide. This might be a bit too strong for smaller pets and puppies, so you should look for a more natural flea shampoo for these.

You can also get flea shampoo that includes conditioner, which softens the fur of your pet. Consult with your veterinarian if you’re unsure which product to use on your pet. The easiest would be to find a flea shampoo that works on fleas and ticks at the same time, but you need to make sure your pet can handle it. Some pets are more sensitive than others and the size and general health of your pet also matters. Speaking of sensitivity, some pets are also irritated by the scent of flea shampoo. The only way to find out if your dog or cat likes the flea shampoo is by trying it out.

Flea shampoo is a great way to get rid of fleas on your pet, but it’s not the only solution. If for some reason it doesn’t work on your pet, or if the pet dislikes flea shampoo, you can always try something else. Most quality shampoos do work great for most pets though. They are easy to work with and rinse out of the fur, without leaving any chemicals behind that can irritate the skin. Be sure to avoid getting the shampoo in the eyes of your pet, as this will be very uncomfortable and it might frighten it for future flea baths.

How to find and use the right flea shampoo

If you have a medium or a large pet, your best choice would be to go with a flea shampoo that contains pyrethrins. This will ensure you get rid of all the fleas and flea eggs. If however you have a small pet, a puppy or a pet with bad health, I recommend using a shampoo that contains natural ingredients only. In both cases you should try to find a product that has conditioner, to keep the fur and skin of your pet healthy.

Like with all other flea treatment products, you should read the instructions carefully before using it. Contact a veterinarian if you have questions regarding the health of your pet and a specific product. When you use flea shampoo to bathe your pet, start from the top and work your way down. This is important to make sure the fleas won’t travel upwards and hide in places like your pets ears. It can be difficult to wash the head, but please be careful and avoid getting shampoo in the eyes. After you have applied flea shampoo to the rest of the body, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly. After giving your pet a flea bath, you can supplement with a flea prevention product like flea drops, that prevent fleas from attacking your pet again. Also remember to get rid of all the living fleas and flea eggs in your home.

5 reasons why you should use flea shampoo

  1. Flea shampoo is easy to use and the effect is instant
  2. It can be used once a month during bath time to kill fleas on the pet
  3. Gentle and chemical safe for pets. Can be used safely around kids
  4. Effective against fleas as well as ticks
  5. Deodorizes and moisturizes the pet

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