Flea Prevention – Keep Fleas Away from Your Pets

Flea PreventionIn my opinion, this is the most important step in keeping your home flea-free. Flea prevention, when done right, ends the battle before it even begun. Instead of spending large amounts of time, money and suffering on a flea infestation, you could simply follow a few guidelines to make sure these annoyances never enter your home. There’s a reason so many companies have made a living producing flea treatment products though. When fleas have entered your home, the numbers quickly explode, making it nearly impossible to kill them faster than they can reproduce. Don’t lose hope yet though – help is here.

First step in the process of flea prevention is identifying if you’re dealing with fleas. If you suspect that your dog or cat has been infected, you should get a flea comb and start looking through its fur right away. The first and most obvious sign of a flea attack is when your pet starts scratching itself. Fleas leave saliva when they bite and this irritates the skin. If you don’t do anything about it, all the scratching can cause serious skin infections on your pet. When combing your cat or dog, you should also look for flea dirt. It’s just a pretty word for flea droppings really. If you see small black dots on the skin, you can test if it’s flea dirt with a wet piece of paper. If the color of the black dots changes to red, you can be certain that there are fleas on your pet.

Take flea prevention seriously

You should take flea prevention as seriously as I do. Female fleas produce thirty eggs a day, which are planted on your pet and carried into your home by your pet. Within days, this number increases to a few hundred, and in weeks, you have thousands of roommates that enjoy feeding on you and your pets. They will be everywhere, making them almost impossible to get rid of. That’s why flea prevention on your pet and in your home is so important.

Luckily there are many products available that does just that. My favorite approach is preventing fleas on my dog with flea drops and checking it once in a while with a flea comb. I also vacuum often and pay extra attention to my dog scratching itself during flea season. There are several other ways to go about it. Flea pills, powders, shampoos, sprays, collars, flea traps and flea bombs are just some of them. You will find every one of these flea treatment products with a detailed description right here on my website. Feel free to ask questions about a product if you want to know more, or contribute with a comment if you have something to add.

Keep an eye on your pets

Remember that flea prevention is the best way to keep fleas away from your home and your pets. Check your dog or cat regularly and observe if it scratches itself more than usual. This is the first sign that indicate flea presence, and if you catch it in the beginning, you can get rid of all the fleas before they get a chance to spread to the rest of your home. Save yourself the trouble and begin flea prevention today.

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