Flea Drops for Cats and Dogs

Flea DropsIf your cat or dog spends a lot of time outside, it will get bitten by fleas and other insects at some point. When the fleas bite they do it to feed, not because they want to hurt your pets. After they have fed for a while, they will often reproduce by placing eggs on their host. When your pet enters your home again, the eggs will fall off and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a flea problem. This can all be prevented with flea drops for cats and dogs.

There are many different types of flea treatment products for pets and some work better than others. You should get flea drops that protects against both fleas and ticks, as they both pose a threat to your pets and yourself. Quality products also target fleas at every stage of their life, including eggs, larva, pupa and their fully grown form. These are the most effective products because they can break the flea life cycle, making it impossible for them to reproduce. When the fleas bite, their saliva irritates your pet’s skin. This in itself is a big problem that can cause great pain for your cat or dog. I have seen photos of animals that have scratched big areas of fur off, causing nasty infections on their skin. After the fleas bite, they will lay their eggs on your pets. If the eggs are allowed to hatch, your pet could quickly become the home of hundreds of fleas. Stop this from happening with flea drops. Typically these flea treatment products are used once a month to prevent fleas from biting and laying eggs. It’s always easier to prevent fleas from getting to your cat or dog or into your house, than getting rid of a whole flea infestation.

Get flea drops that targets every stage

The best flea drops can kill fleas and ticks that are already fully grown, but they can also prevent the eggs from hatching. This is damage control at its best. The female fleas can easily lay 30 eggs every day, making them almost impossible to stop once the cycle has begun. This means that most of the flea population at any time is at the egg stage. This is why flea drops that only target adult fleas don’t work. They only kill the ten percent that are already hatched. What you want is to get rid of the adult fleas and the eggs at the same time.

I would also advise you to make sure your flea drops target ticks. These are dangerous insects that carry diseases which could harm you and your pets. Much like fleas, they feed on the blood of their host. They sit and wait on tree branches or in tall grass, usually in forested areas, until a suited target walks by. When they get to you or your pet, their head will penetrate the skin and they start feeding on the blood. If you have treated your pet with flea drops, the tick will be filled with poison and fall off and die. Unfortunately I have not heard of a tick prevention product for humans. You just have to get them off as soon as possible.

How to use flea drops

Always remember to read the instructions on the flea drops carefully. Different amounts should be given depending on the weight of the treated animal. You can get flea drops that are already packed in containers for different weight classes. I recommend these to make sure you don’t overdose. When you apply the flea drops, it’s important that you get all the liquid on the skin of your pet. It won’t have any effect if you pour the drops on the fur because it needs to be absorbed into the skin to work.

5 reasons why you should use flea drops

  1. Flea drops can effectively kill 80-98% fleas on the pet within the first 24 hours after application
  2. They help repel fleas before the pests can lay their eggs
  3. They kill all stages of fleas, including larval stages, on contact
  4. They are convenient and easy to use
  5. Once a month treatment, flea drops usually remain effective even after bathing or swimming

If you have pets, this is a product you cannot miss, so get it now. I always buy flea drops from Amazon.